Thursday, 23 May 2013

Best street markets in London

No matter if you look to spend few thousand pounds on some very fashionable accessories in Harrods or just few pounds for some really chic and shock vintage jewellery in Camden Market, London it's a place for all pockets sizes. Because I covered already the subject of shopping for luxury items in my previous post today it's time to give some tips on how to buy loads of great and unique things from clothes to jewellery and other odd but zuper cool souvenirs from London's best street markets.
Spitalfields Market near Liverpool Street
Almost every corner in British capital has a street market and if you go a bit out of zone 2 almost all neighborhoods have this sort of market in the city center where you can find a little bit of everything, cheap clothes, vegetables, food, home goods etc.
The most famous ones and worth visiting are Covent Garden Market, Borough Market, Greenwich Market, Spitalfields Market, Portobello Road, Brixton Market, Brick Lane Market and unforgettable Camden Market with its Stables Market and Camden Lock renowned for their food variety and vintage clothing stalls.

Covent Garden
Covent Garden Market in Central London
In Covent Garden the offer it's very diverse.You can visit the Apple Market for British hand-made arts, crafts & antiques and the Jubilee & East Colonnade Markets for a huge variety of stalls. And if you get hungry or tired just relax and have some fresh baked pies or a very tasty meal in one of the over crowded restaurants in the aria. At Christmas time Covent Garden markets  are beautifully decorated and the main attraction it's the Christmas tree in front of St. Paul's Church. Many young artists, musicians , magicians etc. transform the place at evening in something rather magical.
Food Street Market in London

Time Out says: Tue Nov 30 1999
This London institution may appear too commercial and crowded to provide a characterful retail experience, but some quirky gems lift the experience. The colonnaded nineteenth-century Piazza building houses Apple Market, where tourist-friendly crafts are the staple, as well as cutesy chain stores – although it’s worth keeping a look out for independents still holding their ground such as Eric Snook’s Toyshop and the specialist tobacconist/cigar shop Segar & Snuff Parlour. Over in the South Piazza, Jubilee Market is a little more eccentric: Mondays are for antiques lovers while Tuesday to Friday sees a hotch-potch general market including clothing and household goods. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for arty knick-knacks and crafts largely geared toward tourists.

Borough Market

Borough Food Market London
Situated very close to some of London's  best landmarks , Tate and Tower Bridge , Borough Market it's a must go place if you are a food lover or if you want some authentic delicious souvenirs for you friends. You may even spot Jamie Oliver or other top chefs in search for fresh or exotic difficult-to-find ingredients to accomplish their culinary excellence. You most definitely don't miss the fried scallops at Shellseekers or the gorgeous but pretty pricey toasted cheese sandwich or raclette at Kappasein.After that, if you feel like having some dessert head to Jubillee Market, an extension to Borough Market where you can find the best caramel pots at Real France and also the very appreciated K√§seSwiss for traditional farmhouse cheeses sourced directly from the Swiss Alps.
Bread Stand in Southwark Food Hall Market
Few good tips to avoid the big crowd it's to go around 8 or 9 on Saturday mornings and don't take pictures without asking the traders for permission, they can get very angry. Borough Market, Stoney St, SE1 ( London Bridge tube/rail. 11am-5pm Thur; noon-6pm Fri; 8am-5pm Sat.

Camden Market 
Camden Markets are a number of adjoining markets from north London and a very big touristic attractions being the fourth most visited place in London with more then 100000 people each week. One of the most interesting is the Stables Market where you can find all sorts of crafts, new and vintage clothing and lots of food stalls from around the world. 
Camden Street London

Conform Wikipedia "The market is located in the historic former Pickfords stables and Grade II listed[3] horse hospital which served the horses pulling Pickford's distribution vans and barges along the canal. Many of the stalls and shops are set in large arches in railway viaducts."

Stables Market Camden Town London
Buck Street Market is the place for neon sunglasses and pseudo-witty slogan garments while Camden Lock situated next to the Railway bridge it's overcrowded most of the time being very popular amongst young people which love the buzz and the curiosities specific to this aria.
Many shops and stalls are now open 7 days a week, 10am to 6pm and the aria it's as well full of restaurants but you have to be very careful when choosing where to eat because if you are a very fussy customer you can be disappointed.